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Bryan D Rowe


“The Long And Winding Road"

Stories from Bryan’s friends and family and anyone else he’s met along the way! 


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"So.. feeling like I am very late to the party, I will say that I am in just a bit of shock.  I served with Bryan at Ft Stewart, GA back in 1988-89.  We weren't in the same unit, but got to know each other pretty well when I was there. I remember the day that he got that red Cannondale vividly because I had had a Cannondale before joining the Army.  Sadly, social media didn't exist back then, and once I PCS's to Germany, we lost touch.  I have looked for you many times over the years, and now living in Colorado, and having spent quite a bit of time up in the Aspen valley, I kick myself knowing that we were "so close, and yet so far away".  I truly considered you to be one of my best friends from my time in Ft Stewart.  Rest easy my friend…To say I am floored by his passing would be the biggest understatement of the year.

Bryan and bikes.. yeah.. I remember.  We weren’t in the same company, but he cooked at the dining facility I ate at, and his barracks were across the parking lot.   I had seen him off and on in the DFAC, but I am pretty sure that the day we “became friends” was the day that he either bought his red Cannondale mountain bike, or maybe he already owned it, and his parents had shipped it to him???  Anyhow, I had a Cannondale before the Army, and we connected on that one.. and then music.. oh man…. We were like 2 identical peas in a musical pod.  Pretty sure that we had many, many conversations about The Smiths, The Cure, and a whole host of other bands.  I think I might have snuck him into a bar more than once in Savannah, and if he got into being a DJ because of a guy named Neil.. well.. I think I probably introduced them… did he ever make mention of a guy in Savannah with a jet ski where the guy ran the jet ski into a dock pole???  If so, that was Neil, and yes, I was there.  I have so many memories… most of them are probably pretty hazy though…"  Jim York

“I met Bryan when he came into the Ford dealership to purchase his F-150. We became fast friends. He was always upbeat no matter how he was feeling a certain day. Truly an inspiration. One of the best people I’ve ever known. Till we meet again my friend!”  Travis Kuddes

“I served with Bryan in the Army. He was full of life, loved to bike, we rode all over Germany. That’s when I bought my first cannondale bike, Bryan had one too. I was proud to call him my friend. Sorry you passed, god bless. You and your family kick up some dirt for me bro, love u man”  Bobby Bowles

“Eric and I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Bryan last summer on our parent’s deck in Superior, Montana. Bryan was traveling through and stopped to see Chris and Trish Haas. While communicating with us we were moved by his loving spirit. We are better for our short time in his presence. We have enjoyed hearing Chris’ stories of his friendship and adventures with Bryan while in health and while giving his best fight to ALS. The gift of meeting Bryan is one we won’t soon forget. Thank you to Chris and Trish for sharing his friendship with us.”  Terri & Eric Barclay


“Our time together last week was beyond precious. Holding your hand and brushing your arm lightly with the tips of my fingers will forever be etched in my heart. You took me to a place in my heart that I have never been before. There are no words that can describe our time spent together in the Canadian Rockies. You will always and forever be in my heart. See you on the other side my friend!!! Xoxo” 

Tammy Farmin

“The Alley Shot. It began simply enough - a quick shot of tequila after taking the cans to the curb for the weekly pickup. But it grew to a trademarked (pending) tradition. For over 20 years, I had the privilege of having BRowe as my neighbor. It wasn't a typical neighbor next-door or couple of houses down situation but it sure was convenient. B lived on the other side of the alley behind our house where 10th East and Laird Ave meet and dead end. Our garage accessed the alley and that is where I would bring our weekly garbage and recycling for pickup. Almost right away B would invite me over for a quick shot of tequila (a "swifty" as Double D would say) before I would head back to family business. It didn't take long for the quick shot to turn into 2, or 3, or 4. And it became much more frequent than the weekly can to the curb run. A simple text of "Alley Shot" from either of us would give the green light to some cherished hang-time. I'll miss Alley Shots with BRowe but plan the keep the tradition going. If you're in the neighborhood, shoot me a text and I'll meet you out back for a shot of tequila.” Andy “Slice" Yorkin 

"Hi Bryan, I spoke with your dad a while back and said I would contact you. Then I felt foolish because I didn't know what to say. My dad was Paul Schoch. Our dads were cousins on the Myers side of the family. So some how we are distant cousins. I know we met once in the late 70's when we were kids, but other than that I'm not sure. In reading your story it sounds like you have had some grand adventures. I had a good laugh at some of your childhood stories, I could totally relate. I think our dads must have been two peas in a pod. I wish I had know you were living in Colorado when you were, I was living there at the same time. I'm now out of things to say and fear of making a fool of myself. So I will close with.... Thank you for serving our country and I'm really sorry you have to deal with this disease. Please know I'm sending you hugs and prayers or good juju if you prefer. You will be forever in my thoughts." Audrey Schoch

“Fastest, hot dogging, mountain biker I've ever met — Bryan Rowe's one of the most impressive dudes I've ever met” Dillon Green

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Bryan for the past 10+ years. I’ve never had the guts to ride with him but I’ve always loved his enthusiasm, beautiful craftsmanship and dogged persistence for detail. “  Damian Dingley

"Our family had the pleasure of living just a couple houses away from Bryan for many years. When we first moved in Bryan would play with our yellow lab Maggie and sometimes help us out by letting her out or checking on her. We then started having kids and for the first decade of their lives, Bryan Rowe (and Dirty Dan) were a big part of it. Our kids used the alley and street behind our house where Bryan and Dan lived to learn how to ride bikes. The kids knew they could hang out back there and Bryan would be keeping an eye on them or encouraging them on their bikes or scooters. Andy also loved having Bryan and the guys that would be hanging out at Bryan's so close by. When the kids were little and we couldn't go out as much, it was nice to be able to swing over to Bryan's house for some adult time, a drink, or an alley-shot. :) So many laughs and fun memories. Like many of us, Bryan did some cool projects on our house. The benches and built-ins in our mudroom continue to serve our family well, years later. Bryan has always been pretty philosophical about life and I have always appreciated that he would always take the time to listen and be a good friend. Bryan - your grace and courage during this time is so admirable. Thank you for being an example to us all. We love you!”  The Yorkins Family (Andy, Sheila, Kurt, Nora, and Tom)

This is one of the most subtle and yet masterful marks you left on Publik, Bryan! It wasn’t easy to determine HOW to mount the painted plywood tiles I had created by Moons. Especially on the “curvy” wall of the building built in 1898! But YOU did it, and you found the solution quickly + oh so beautifully!  Missy Greis

 "All dressed up for our flight across the friendly skies, while dad cruised around the ocean. The stewardesses (!) were standing in line to see if B needed another sippy cup or tickle. Everyone said he was the happiest baby they ever met.” Mom

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